And the moment he hears that she’s a transfer student, his attitude
            lessens considerably, but not enough to be a sign of weakness.
            Being placed in a completely different atmosphere so suddenly
            can make anyone irritable—- he would know.

     ”It’s on the second floor, third door to the left.

      Though Iwatobi High is not the school he attends, he knows it like 
            the back of his hand due to how many times he visits.

     ”Got a name?


                     and nowthat his attitude changed almost completely
                            she feels a bit guilty for being rude to him—- but not a lot
                            since he was rude right back to her.

                                        expression softens & the stiffness in her posture
                                        will relax ever-so-slightly.  arigato…  is to be
                                        murmured once she had received an answer to
                                        her desired question. ah- but this leads another
                                        issue, where are the stairs ——— she’ll just search
                                        for those herself because she doesn’t want to
                                        sound like a complete newbie asking where everything

                       ” kitomi honda—- why wouldn’t i have a name? 
& her stubbornness is to take place once again.

                                                                             what’s yours? 



          ‘ but you didn’t, and here we are now! 

                      seijuro gives her a thumbs-up as she accepts
                      his proposition-slash-declaration and  jogs  a
                      little to catch up to her as she  starts  to  walk
                      away           quite abruptly, in fact.

    so, are you one of those girls who
                    aren’t allowed to do anything? ‘cause
                    of your parents or whatever? 

                      " well it’s not like you actually gave me a choice.  
                                                                     even if he had gave her a choice
                                                                     she probably would have agreed
                                                                     since she owes him——— 

                    “ i am allowed to do whatever i want as long as i
                       don’t get arrested for it—- i just choose not to do
                       anything because nothing interests me since i
                       moved schools.  


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                    ‘ —-obviously. we got a sashimi platter special.
                                          dessert is included for half off, ma’am
                    less customers the better. it meant more down time for him.

                       " are you usually this rude to costumers?  
                                            an obviously irritated sigh. 
                               ” just get me a small order of spicy salmon
                                  rolls and shrimp. 


So I really wanted to put out all my greeters first before posting up my follow forever ever since I hit 200. It was my objective to interact with everyone and talk to all my followers but my hero complex precedes me, it seems yet again. TL;DR: I wanted to make you guys feel special.

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Honorable Swimming Homos

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                    ‘ —-a take out bag. ’ a swift quip. words fraught with faint irritation.
                                      ‘ —-you never been to a sushi joint before? ’ 

                " i’ve been one… just not this one. 
  and probably won’t come back 
                                                       because costumer service sucks.  )


( hemostar, seaxhorse, akihxro and naivetys are now online. )


                    ‘ —-you gonna order something, or just stare? 

                       " oh, ah—- actually… what’s a good thing to order?  
                                                                cue a blank stare.
                                  she didn’t even notice she was in the front of the line.